Cane Corso Corsarii - The future!!

December 26, 2013 at 12:23 AM

We have imported the first two girls for our future Cane Corso breeding programme.  We have very close ties with a fantastic Breeder in Australia A & O Holland of Thore Cane Corso and have been fortunate to secure their excellent pedigree lines.  The first of our two pedigrees to arrive is Georgia a beautiful brindle and Isabella her Black and extremely vivacious sister.  Both puppies are of exceptional pedigree and details of their lineage are included on there own personal pages.   The natures of both pups are unique they love to meet new people and enjoy new experiences such as bath time, swimming at the beach, new foods, meeting different species of animals including chickens, cats, rabbits and horses.  We imported these puppies from Canberra when they were 9 weeks old, they arrived in the same cage and have warmed our hearts and put smiles on our faces ever since!.