About Us

The aim of our kennels is to breed high quality pedigree dogs. Our puppies have completed puppy training courses at Manukau Dog Training Club, they will advance to further courses as they complete each module. Our pedigrees have been selected for their working ability with the traits of the original cane corso, they have a very high drive this being the key to be able to train the Cane Corso for working, hunting and search and rescue. As you would be aware Cane Corso have been trained for protection and tracking, with this we are hoping to create our own working line, the Cane Corso have the mental and physical determination needed to possess this amazing skill. We will also be breeding for superior body structure to suit the working ability of the Corso.


Our kennels are located in the bombay hills South of Auckland, where our Corsos have over 6 Acres of farm land to keep them entertained. We have converted a large paddock as a play area for our dogs, which basically has become a 'doggie adventure land'. Our pups are a very important part of of our family they are raised around babies, children and are regarded as members of our family. We are enthusiasts of this breed, we are extremely passionate and have a vision of supplying outstanding pedigrees to fellow kiwi Corso lovers!. We are members of the NZKC (New Zealand Kennel Club), and endeavor to follow all of their guidelines and protocol for future development and Breeding.


We recommend that people purchase their Cane Corso from a registered breeder as we are the ones paying for the right to breed responsibly.  All of our puppies will come with papers and would of had the first of their three injections, and all will come with a puppy pack ready for you to have everything you need for a good start with your corso - the goodies we have found useful anyway through trial and error with our pups!. We will be available for any questions or support you may need once you have received your pup and we welcome a long and prosperous relationship.


We also urge you to research the breed in full and make sure that this is the right breed for you. You need to think of where the puppy will be trained, socialising the puppy and up to date vet health check ups. ‚Äč