Its been a whole 12 months since I have started this blog ...

December 08, 2014 at 12:25 AM

‚Äč This year has flown by with a steep learning curve.  Our girls Georgie and Belly have both had puppies.  Georgies puppies were born big and healthy at home ...nothing like a work trip to Hong Kong and leaving within an hour to go to the airport that tests team work! .  Belly then had puppies 2 weeks later by way of c section.  The puppies are all healthy and getting fatter by the day, they are just starting to open their eyes ...photographs to come soon. 

As for the development of our dogs it has come along nicely, regular trips to the vet and top quality feeds keeps the pack happy and healthy.

Georgie has become Alpha female, Lucius loves his baby rogs and Georgia lets him around her puppies ...Belly at this early stage is yet to allow the others too close, but allows them in the room.  Aunty Maiya is over the moon, Georgie lets her play with her puppies and be in the whelping kennel.

The dogs paddock has to be the best thing we could have done for them they enjoy their time in there and Isabella goes over regularly throughout the day as time out from the puppies, she lets us know when she wants to return.... Isabella communicates,  she barks to open her cage, if she is hungry and standing by an empty bowl very smart rog!

Georgie has a fully fenced area at the back of the house the pups are out in a purpose built whelping Kennel, they love being outside and have plenty of space to get up to mischeif.  They also have their meals in there each day and come inside to sleep.  Georgie is still feeding them normally also.