Our dogs are fed a comprehensive diet a sample menu for a day is as follows (including variables etc):


  • Royal Canin Large Breed puppy biscuits

Snacks and Treats:

  • Bully sticks
  • Carrots
  • Apple
  • Pig Ears/Beef ears
  • Briskett Bones
  • Masterpet - Surf n turf, duck strip or chicken strips
  • Smackos


  • Raw chicken carcass/wings/legs
  • Raw Lamb or Beef liver, kidney, tongue ** (one of these)
  • Raw Horse/Beef meat **
  • Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Biscuits (1 cup)
  • x 4 Pilchards or sardines each (we defrost daily)
  • Woofles Wallaby or Rabbit mince (one of the below Woofles products instead of Raw Livers or Horse meat)
  • Woofles tripe probiotic (probiotic twice a week)
  • Rice or Pasta (occasionally)
  • Mixed Seasonal Vegies (Blended)

Additions to diet:

  • Fish Oil Capsules (4 times per week)
  • Woofles Tukkathyme - Daily, herbs to sprinkle over their meals.

Followed by LOTS of water!! - these dogs need to have allot of water available to them!


The above diet helps with a rapidly growing pup, we base our diet off the BARF diet which is Biologically Approved Raw Feed. We have noticed that their eyes are clear, their coats are soft, shiny and a definite absence in fleas!!. They devour all of their meals with total enthusiasm!!.

Although, it should be noted that many breeders are happy with the results from a single veterinarian approved dry feed.

** All of our dogs raw meat petfood is picked up fresh every week, it is of exceptional quality and price.  Corsarii Petfood Ltd is our family business we sell petfood directly to the public, online and from our premises in Tuakau.**