Our Cane Corso-Italian Mastiff Experience Thus Far

FB_IMG_1529207457631_original.jpgFirst the Corso

We had for a number of years admired the Corso simply from a most amazing image we'd seen on Google. It was of a sleek, black, agile , strong & muscular looking dog with orange eyes walking in the snow.
The dog looked like everything we would want in our next choice of breed.

Kris said to me " that's what I want one day, a black dog like that with orange eyes ".
The image impressed us. Over time we searched information about the breed as we had never heard of them.

We found out they are loyal protectors & defenders of their home & family, they are working dogs capable of a variety of careers but mostly we found out they are great with children.

We now have two young Corsarii females
Montopoli Cavitina, ten months & Montopoli Terra, eight months old, with a third baby girl, a beautiful blue Montopoli Belladonna arriving in a month, we are beyond excited

These dogs although young still show everything in the breed we admired & wanted. They have far exceeded our expectations

They are super focused & crave training, which in turn means if you put in the effort for want of pleasing you they will learn super fast. Our two girls being of excellent pedigree show all of these traits. They have surpassed everything we have expected in this breed.
They have great manners, are loving, loyal, gentle & protective. This is in our opinion due to expert breeding & pedigree.
If you love large dogs & are looking for something versatile on many levels that is quality bred you must not go past Corsarii Kennels & the Montopoli lines.

Our girls have made our life & house full with love, laughter & never ending snuggles & paw shakes heart.png

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The People

Loncey & Tania Clarke, our first experience was over the phone after we had enquired about one of their puppies.
They phoned us & were excited about the possibility of sending us their pick bitch quality bred in a co-owned contract situation. We were overwhelmed with their offer & could see straight away these people were kind, trusting & meant what they were saying.

Things moved very fast from there & within two weeks we had our first girl Cavitina ( Savvy ).

Our relationship with Tania & Loncey grew, they constantly provided us with support, information & we could see where their vision was going, it is clear their focus is for the best of the breed, they know what they are doing. They are there for us 24/7 with any questions or information we need, this is imperative as a new puppy owner the Tania & Loncey's support is so wonderful and unlimited

Their knowledge & experience is outstanding.
It has been a pleasure to have

this experience & contact with both Tania & Loncey. Personally I have become good friends with Tania & our friendship extends beyond the dogs....not far from it tho as we are both crazy dog ladies.
If you are considering a Mastino breed, you MUST not look past the Cane Corso and in particular the Corsarii Kennels for a quality dog of superlative pedigree.


Kind Regards

Shannene & Kris

reign2.jpgHi Tania,

Well where do I start, as you know we lost our baby boy Boston last September and struggled with the notion of whether to get another pet let alone another CC.

I felt it would be impossible to find another like Boston, he had so much presence and charisma but the days kept growing longer since we lost him and the pain in our heart not easing. So we started looking at first in Australia and there are some wonderful breeders here and a couple were expecting litters but something lured me to your website and as fate would have it a litter had arrived and a couple of the males were available. My first choice was predictably the biggest in the litter a beautiful dark brindle boy that I thought would resemble Boston's imposing presence, his name was Max and I did like him a lot. And then for reasons I can't explain I decided it was too early so I rang you to say I'm not ready yet for another pup and would contact you again in 12 months or so time and hopefully find again the male I'm looking for. Well that decision only lasted a few weeks, I wasn't coping with the emptiness in my heart and in the house, so I contacted you again only to find out that Max and the other a black male Reign were no longer available. However after a week or so the deposit for Max had not been forthcoming and you offered me Max, but once again fate had a role to play as I caught a glimpse of Reign in a video that Aimee had taken and I noticed the look in Reign's eye's which was very much like Boston. When I showed Jenny she couldn't understand why I had over looked Reign because he was a carbon copy of a baby Boston. And then fate once again raised its head, the family that had chosen Reign actually were hesitating because they really wanted Max. And we swapped Max for Reign.

So was it fate that brought Reign into our lives, well funny things happen especially when Reign's Dad is named Fate and his Grandad is named Preacher Man.

So Reign arrived in Australia on 19 January 2018 at Sydney Mascot terminal very relaxed in his crate and very pleased to meet us, so we bundled him up and took him home to Canberra.

Reign is the CC everyone who wants one and reads about hopes for, and so it's been 3 months since Reign arrived in Australia and has now settled into his new home in Canberra. It's hard to come to grips with how much he has grown in such a short time, as I write this email Reign is cuddled up beside me on the lounge. What a magnificent and special boy this little guy is, everything we really hoped for in this rare breed has materialised, his character, temperament and intelligence is something to behold. From the time we opened the crate at the airport to let him out he has continued to amaze us at just how well adjusted he is, nothing bothers him. Reign loves to demonstrate his affection for us and our family at every opportunity, I have sent you so many photos of him and I hope they tell a better story than what I am writing today. I see all the characteristics you told me about his Dad "Fate" and his Grandad "The Preacher Man".

reign.jpgReign is progressing through the rigorous and very time intensive training to be a fully qualified "Assistant Dog" a very different role compared to a companion dog. Reign is already at the higher level of intuition, observation and distraction restraint than was expected at his young age. His skill set when he has completed his training is dot pointed below, you can clearly see it's only a special dog that can succeed at this level.

Reign was observed at just 17 weeks old by a professional psychiatrist where he remained composed and relaxed for an hour, he will be exposed to this sort of critiquing for most of his life to ensure his skills continue to evolve as he gets older. Reign 3 weeks ago satisfied the management of the Rydges Hotel Group after a 4 night stay that he demonstrated the appropriate protocols of a service dog, it was a big first up challenge and a exceptional result for such a young pup.
In the next month I will be employing a canine behavioural psychologist the same that worked with me and Boston to observe where she believes Reign and I are at and if anything needs correcting but it is mostly about where I am at with his training.

So here is most of Reigns assignment.

  • Assist in medical crises
  • Provide assistance in treatment
  • Help to deal with emotional overloads
  • Perform tasks related to enhancing security
  • Alleviate the anxiety and distress of their owner and ground them emotionally through leaning, pawing, and nudging
  • Help wake people from nightmares and night terrors
  • Distract people from an event or a specific behavior by pawing, nudging, and licking them
  • Bring medication to people upon command or when triggered by an alarm
  • Stand in front of their owner to create personal space in a crowded area in a non-aggressive fashion
  • Safely lead individuals to exits when having an anxiety/panic attack
  • Alert other people or activate an emergency system to get help

PTSD dogs are specially trained to provide security, physical exercise, and calming effects that can positively affect the lives of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. As is the case with any kind of assistance dog, psychiatric service dogs are individually trained to mitigate the disability of their handlers. This training includes things such as assessing the environment (in the event of hallucinations and paranoia), signalling behaviors (including preventing repetitive or harmful behavior), reminding their handlers to take medication, retrieving objects and guiding handlers through – and away from – stressful

So that’s our boy Tania thank you ‚̧always
Mick and Jenny
ACT, Canberra, Australia


Hi Tania,

Hollie and I would just like to thank you and Cane Corso Corsarii for our two lovely puppies in the last 13 months. Luna has become a beautiful puppy and has truly become a part of our family. Her temperament is amazing and this is such a great testimonial to the way you have bred and looked after your Cane Corso's. Shadow is no different. He is a ball of joy and confidence. He is already loved so much. We can not wait to see the kind of dog he will be. You have helped us fall in love with what we believe is the best dog breed in the world.

Your ongoing support and professionalism have made us feel so easy with having this amazing breed as pets. They are more than pets as you know!

We can not wait until we get another.
Thank you once more!


Hi Tania & Loncey,

Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt Caesar. He has made us so happy!

When I decided to move home from England I started my search for cane corso breeders. I came across you guys and never looked back. Our correspondence lasted 14 months... then our little man arrived.. your regular updates during whelping built a massive amount of expectation.... Caesar has far exceeded anything we could have hoped for.

From the moment we picked him up, he has been a cuddly gentle giant.

His character is amazing, testament to your breeding program and care for the litter.

Your ongoing support & advice is much appreciated and your continued interest in Caesar just confirms that Cane Corso Corsarii are fantastic & caring breeders.

Much love,
Joe, Bianca & Caesar






Hi Tania

We would just like to thank you, for giving us our amazing new pup Zeus!! He is an amazing ball of love within our family and just slotted in well with our children and fur-babies. His temperament is wonderful especially with our 8 month old human baby! he's amazingly friendly and brave this i credit to the careful breeding at Cane Corso Corsarii kennels.

Also dealing with Tania as a breeder has been amazing, she is very supportive and a lovely women with a passion for her fur-babies! We will definitely be getting another pup 1 day as we have fallen in love with the breed

lots of love

Anita & Daniel





Aloha, Tania

We wanted to thank you and Loncey at Corsari Kennels over in Aotearoa for
providing us with the perfect addition to our family. Tania was extremely
helpful and worked with us the entire process being very responsive both on
the phone and through email. We are over in Hawaii and the process of
receiving our dog was a lot easier then we anticipated most of the work was
done by Tania and her pet transport team. Orca is a beautiful girl both in
stature and temperament. She is truly a sweetheart but is also not afraid
to show her guard dog instincts. She is a mixture of sweet and confident the
perfect combo for us. Again I cannot thank you enough for all your help in
making this process truly a joy for us. My daughter is in love with her new

Mahalo nui loa

Kai, Jamie and La'ela'e





Hi Tania,

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful, friendly and playful puppy. Luna is one! I absolutely love her, she has the best personality. She loves and steals the hearts of everyone she meets.
I would, and have, highly recommended Cane Corso Consarii to anyone interested in purchasing a Corso. Luna is perfect, both in terms of beauty and demeanour . She is intelligent, athletic, strong, protective and attentive. She's quick to learn and has impressed a lot of friends and fellow dog owners of the level of obedience at a very young age. Above picture of Luna is 5 and half months old.

Thanks Tania for an AMAZING dog.