Our Pups

The characteristics of the Cane Corso is a large, powerful, intelligent and attractive dog, when the dog has been properly raised this can make a fine companion.  Our pups are already turning in to highly capable watch dogs this was evident within 24 hours of arriving at their new home in New Zealand.

Maiya is super duper cute, Isabella and Georgia's sister (Thore X Cirilla 2nd mating 2013). Maiya arrived to NZ at 8 weeks old ....cuuuute!!


Maiya BORN 27/09/13 at the Vet in Canberra - 6 weeks old


Isabella and Georgia 9 weeks old - waiting patiently for their flight to New Zealand

Our puppies are all different in looks and personality. However, they do share allot of the same traits, they all have a fantastic temperament, they sit the same, generally in a row and often lie together, sleep together, go outside together and generally enjoy each others company as well as human companionship. They adore each others comradery and play together "nicely" most of the time, it also must be said that they appreciate there own company also! These dogs have alot of character they live for praise, they are quick to learn and simply love to receive affection as much as they give it to you.


Lucius (male pup) 9 weeks old - at Canberra Airport en route to New Zealand



Georgie, Bella and Louis in their 260sm paddock enclosure!

Our Cane Corsi are wonderful family dogs, they enjoy children as much as adult friendship. They are an exciting and communicative breed, well socialised and an absolute pleasure to be around!.

We will update our dogs profiles regularly with photos and general information about them. Each of the dog will be featured on their own individual page which will also feature up to date individual pictures too.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, Thanks Tania and Loncey.