Brimstone's Foreseen Fate is our latest import from Kansas, USA.  He is an exceptional example of the Cane Corso and bred by the wonderful Reese Kiewel of Brimstone Kennels.  Fate's nature is superb, he has his AKC GCC Cert (American Kennel Club Good Canine Citizenship).  This is evident with the small amount of training we have done with him so far.

Not only is this boy just simply breath taking to look at, his mild manner and will to please is just exceptional.  Fate is a wonderful boy and is nearly 2 years old, he is his fathers son, growing up quickly to become a mini me Preacher Man.  He is known as Fate Man, punk or Fatie Mash potatie lol

Brimstone Foreseen Fate is the next level to our breeding project that will safety net our kennels future moving forward, his sound temperament and top notch pedigree will secure this.   A very exciting time for our kennels!!.

Fate goes to work at our Pet food Company everyday, to supervise, ride in trucks and to eat as much free fresh pet food as he can! lol.... this kid is just awesome!.... a friend to all of our dogs, a highly intelligent master mind and a Corsarii team player, we love this kid!