Georgia is our lovely brindle girl, beautiful like her mother Cirilla and of fantastic pedigree she is a very sweet pup and she has a lovely nature. Georgia was born on the 07/01/2013. Georgia has taken a little while to come out of her shell. However, we bring this down to her being very in tune to her surroundings. She is a lovely addition being exceptionally loyal and a big softy at heart.

A wonderful guard dog and very family orientated she plays with the other pups and hangs with the humans as often as she can!. A truly devoted and smart girl she simply loves chewing bones and looks forward to every meal. Georgia has been quite smitten with our new addition and can be seen constantly playing with him, sleeping together and generally hanging out.

Georgia is our BFG (Big Friendly Giant), she is the largest of the dogs by a head high, she still thinks she is a little pup - we have to kindly remind her that she is not. A wonderfully good natured pup that is quick to learn and enjoys having lots of hugs and sweet puppy kisses - a trick she learnt for puppy training school and wants to practice every day! lol

Georgie is now 11 months old - as at December 2013. She has just come off her first heat, she is our beautiful Gentle Giant. She is so soft and loves our latest addition, in fact I think Maiya could mistake our Georgie as her mum lol

Georgie has grown to be the largest of our 3 foundation girls she is more comfortable inside during the days, she has free roam of the house and it is always without incident ...she is friends with our cleaner who tells us Georgie is lovely when we are not there. She is socialised with small children and horses as well as the pack , of which she considers her self top dog.