Isabella is our Beautiful Black girl she has white markings on the tips of her feet and chest. Isabella was born on the 07/01/2013. She is certainly a character, she absolutely loves new experiences such as swimming in the beach, she enjoys meeting new kinds of friends other dogs, rabbits, chickens and cats. Isabella is of outstanding pedigree, she has inherited her good looks and form from her father Thore of (Thoreoz Cane Corso, Australia) - and her beautiful temperament from her mother Cirilla a wonderful natured pup that enjoys company of other dogs, humans anything really.

Very playful by nature she delights in playtime with her toy ducks, she will chew on her bones for hours at a time and can be heard early most mornings and after her dinner time instigating games with the other dogs ...loud ones! lol. Isabella is very athletic amazingly quick off the mark and can be seen one minute by the house and the next minute over 100 metres away. An absolute delight to have around very inquisitive, yet sweet and gentle. Isabella loves playing with Georgie, Lucius and now Maiya.

Isabella is a very playful, she is super fast and has the agility and speed of a panther! lol! Isabella is also extremely smart and very obedient as well.

To describe Bella in one word "driven". From a very early age Belly took to obedience training, any kind of games and competition she is we believe most like Thore her Sire. Belly is the kind of dog who would excel in a working environment. Her affection levels are off the charts which can be disconcerting to a second time meeting!

Isabella and Lucius have produced exceptional puppies, she is a wonderful mummy and teaches the puppies quickly what is appropriate behavior and what is not.  Isabella in 2017 has had a litter of pups on the 12th April 2017 which two are bound for export.