Meet our newest girl Miss Maiya. Maiya was born on 27 September 2013, off spring of Thore and Cirilla (Thore Cane Corso, Australia) and sister of Isabella and Georgia. She is a beautiful Blue and has a fantastic personality and drive. A smart wee girly wirly and a pleasure to have around.

Maiya is a friendly and happy pup she loves playing with her older sisters and Lucius as well, all of our other pups have accepted her into their pack and I am sure will make a wonderful addition to the Clarke Corso Clan.


Maiya is very well skilled at playing with children from a young age, she arrived to us at 8 weeks old and has learnt quickly to be gentle with her play.

Maiya is the absolute superlative in cane corso form. At top speed her power and grace are readily apparent she is super affectionate, smart and has exceptional watch abilities. This is probably due to her being the youngest in the pack. She is freinds with all the dogs. However, Loui is her fav they spend hours playing together outside or in the house!.