Montopoli Arria is our stunning black beauty.   This girl is so full of energy and drive, she is nearly as quick as her dad.  This girl has the killer looks of her mother and father, she is quite the beauty.

Arria is Montopoli Rhea Silvia x Brimstone's Foreseen Fate exceptional prodigy - August 2017.

Arria is extremely smart, a thoughtful pup, she loves the older dogs and can be seen taking her sneaky short cut under the deck to get to the bigger dogs paddocks during the day.

This girl is doting, always the first to greet our puppy dog boarders that come from time to time, the first out to play and can be heard telling off the other dogs or pups, she is definitely her dads daughter, he likes to use his voice too.  This girl has the even temperament of her mother, she just adores her mummy and is Rhea's shadow.

This girl is definitely one to watch in the future, I will post updates and photos in the months to come x.