Rhea Silvia was born on 8th March 2016 she is one of Thoreoz Maiya x Teodora Lucius stunning female pups she has a wonderful personality and disposition about her.  We are excited to watch how she develops and progresses at Puppy socialisation and eventually dog training.  Already she has an acute awareness of everything around her coupled with a tonne of confidence.

Rhea hangs out most days with her sister Lacaena aka Chichi, they can be found getting up to mischief ...everywhere!

Rhea loves veal bones and her raw meat diet ...she especially loves raw chicken frames, she is growing fast and is now as nearly as big as her mum.  Rhea is known affectionately as "Riri" and loves her bedroom - her crate, where her stolen hoards can be found under her bedding.  Such a lovely girl, this one is definitely one to watch!