Rome is a wonderful natured girl and is Thoreoz Isabella x Teodora Lucius gorgeous off spring born November 2014.  Rome is friends with all of our dogs and any other dogs that she comes in to contact with, she has a wonderful attitude to life and looks forward to every day.   Rome is best friends with Stoney and hangs out with him everyday, they can be seen chasing each other endlessly around their day time enclosure and eating fresh bones together.

Rome is affectionately known as "Romie" she simply loves her beef ears ...we absolutely cannot run out of them, they are her night time delight!.

Rome just loves her big brother Stoney, they hang out all day on their own paddock, they eat together, and sleep side by side in their crates in the evening.  True best friends and siblings, they are so funny to watch as they play hide and seek and find their own amusement where and when ever possible.

Romie is an absolute stunning example of the pedigree.