Learnin Curves

January 07, 2015 at 12:26 AM

​ so0o... Corsarii Kennels is now New Zealands only internationally recognised cane corso breeder with our much heralded acceptance into the fine ranks of the ICCF, all our foundation dogs are now recognised with them, and we can show our 8 generation pedigree thru them.  This also means for our new corso mums and dads we can offer an 8 generation pedigree paper for your much loved new addition.

Under advice from a fine member of our local dog club, the Manukau Dog Obedience Club we have also appoached the NZ Mastiff club for membership, we think this will be  a fantastic way to stay current with issues that affect Mastiffs in our country today. Belonging to the Mastiff Club comes with a code of ethics, which as a kennel we now choose to adhere to. I will at some stage post particulars of ethics for your perusal.


Its interesting to note the variation in requirements between the different organisations we belong to, but we will always choose to adhere to the most stringent condition, this will ensure the satisfaction of  each club.


We are so happy with the responce we are getting with our pups, this Saturday the last of Georgias litter flies out, Both Nero and Sabina have a wonderful life to look forward to, and we really couldnt be more proud.


Those of you watching our Corsarii facebook page will no doubt see the exploites of these two.

Of Bellys pups 2 are adopted, with the interest in the remaining 4 running high.


We would like to remind any prospective puppy owners we regard puppy obedience school mandatory, we want to see excellent socialised canine citizens out there, and sure, we all think we now everything about dogs, but your dog does not know everything about humans, or other dogs for that matter, and let us assure you, at your local pup obedience school is where they learn.